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Share documents with Gmail Plugin TrackingDoc

Create a share link

The authenticated sharing provides additional guarantees in terms of control and security. Only the person whose email address was specified can access to the shared documents. This type of sharing is very useful to share confidential documents between two individuals. Notice that it will require the recipient registration at its first connection.

In pro version , it is possible to use this type of sharing with several individuals in the same time . Custom permissions can be set for each individuals to manage access on all submitted documents: downloading, editing / modification, acceptance or rejection of a bid.

Upload Sales Documents

The  TrackingDoc Gmail Plugin ( Free version ) offers seamless compatibility with all Microsoft Office documents ( Word , Excel , Power Point ) , photos and PDF. All documents remains interactive during their tranfer . For example, a document Power Point will keep its animations.

However, uploading  multimedia files such as Youtube videos or a website require to upgrade to the Pro version.

There are two distinct ways to set up a share of its link documents: sharing "Authenticated " and sharing "Free" .

"Authenticated " Sharing 

"Free" Sharing

"Free" sharing allows quick access to the documents submitted and requires no authentication by the recipient.
It is very useful to quickly send one or more documents to a sales prospect, no registration will be required. "Free" sharing is also recommanded to share documents with many individuals at the same time when using the free version.
But you need to be aware that bundled sharing does not allow you to differentiate the connections of each person inside the group . The connection times will be aggregated around a single fictional person named " Guest" .

Privacy, Security & Compliance

Client Privacy

There is absolutely no legal issue. The tracking system that TrackingDoc operate on documents online is identical to that performed on any website.
When the visitor is required to authenticate to access the documents,  he has to accept voluntarily the terms and conditions regarding the use of the product. From an "ethical" point of view, we would like to remember that the purpose of the collection of statistics is not to spy on reader behavior for malicious purposes, but rather to offer a better quality of service and greater responsiveness in the business relationship.

Where are stored the documents I upload online?

The shared documents are stored in a cloud space provided by Microsoft Azure. This space owns the highest standards and the best data security certificates (ISO/IEC 27001/27002 eg: 2013, SOC SOC SOC 3 1, 2 et, etc.). Microsoft Azure data centers are located in Europe.  To learn more, click here.

What information the Plugin needs to access to be used?

During installation, the plugin requires permission to access the data of the and pages while browsing.More precisely, the plugin needs accesses to the recipients and senders email addresses in order to send you email notifications (for example, when inserting a comment or to receive the statistics of reading the prospect/customer).

Data Security